'Aesthetics of the Political' is a continuation of long-term research and artistic production, that takes the critical language and forms of resistance in artistic works as a starting point for looking at the traces of colonialities in art-making over time. Realized in different forms of encounter, 'Aesthetics of the Political' focuses on creating intimate, artist-to-artist conversations, to reflect on how practitioners translate their ideas; the materials that they read, and their reflections on particular political subjects, into artistic form. Over time, the idea is to form a lexicon of  artistic languages, and an archive of the works of practitioners from different parts of the world, that respond to hegemonic power, as well as the social, political and economic systems that produce inequalities in different contexts around the world.

The first encounter 'Aesthetics of the Political: Chapter One' in collaboration with SoundImageCulture in Brussels, in partnership with: BOZAR, Chair Mahmoud Darwich, Pianofabriek, and Beurschouwburg.

The second encounter 'Aesthetics of the Political: Institutional Critique' is hosted by KANAL Centre Pompidou Brussels, as four conversations aired on a temporary radio station in January 2020.

The third encounter 'Aesthetics of the Political: Artists Talk' in collaboration with KASK Academy of the Arts in Gent, Belgium, hosts a series of conversations that will be accessible online. Additionally, selected conversations will be taken as the starting point for building work-groups with students and faculty at KASK, that builds on the concepts that the conversation brings to the table.