Image credit: Samah Hijawi

Aesthetics of the Political: Artists Talk looks at the strategies that artists use to transform political and critical ideas into aesthetic form in their work. It is a nuanced and detailed investigation into where the political gesture is embedded in works that take a critical position, or reflect on contemporary and historical contexts where hegemonic power and the systems that produce social, economic, educational and political inequalities lie.

Artists Talk will engage artists from different parts of the world whose work offers criticality to normative and hegemonic narratives, and is guided by the following queries:

  • Where is the political gesture embedded in artistic work?

  • How do artists, in their own words, describe how they translate political thoughts,

    ideas and positions into artistic form?

  • What are the aesthetic choices, or the artistic strategies that artists use in their work?

  • How do these strategies function as a form of resistance to systemic violence,

    hegemony, and inequality?

  • How can we build alternative forms of knowledge to expand our understanding of the

    political engagement in art, and western-centric frameworks of defining art making?

  • How can an online archive of artistic conversations function as a pedagogical tool?