This work does not mean anything to me: Musings around art and art- discourse (2008-2011)
Intervention with sound and art objects


An intervention with art and sound at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Art. The project utilizes the collections of two institutions that play a role in visual art education in Jordan; The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts and the University of Jordan. While they have different functions, both institutions play passive and active roles in defining an aesthetic language and understanding of ‘fine arts’. The interrogation brings forward questions on formal and informal art education in relation to the status of these institutions. The project also engages questions on art language and expression related to art through conversations (as audio guides) with the artist, the curator and the audience. These audio pieces are also simultaneously translated to English, in another step to then consider the rifts the Arabic and English in relation to visual arts. 


Exhibitions: Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts 2011

Online: Ibraaz