Chicken Scribbles and the Doe that Looks like a Frog (2017)

Lecture Performance ~45mins


Chicken Scribbles and the Dove that Looks like a Frog is a lecture performance on art and political histories centered around Palestine in the 1970’s. A narrative weaves fictive realities to question representation, nostalgia and hegemonic discourses surrounding Arab and Western art of this era. Inspired by a conversation with artist Mhanna Durra, who offhandedly critiques the symbols of ‘politically engaged art’,  through the surreal creature of a pigeon that looks like a frog; the performance subjectively confronts this romantic era with its failures.

Artistic direction: Laurent Van Lanker (in the framework of Sound Image culture). Supported by Moussem

Video link


Presented in Beurschouwburg theater, and BREW in 2017 Brussels, and the Mosaic Rooms in London in 2018.