It all collapses in the living room (installation 2012-2013)

The other side - photography. Jericho First: the new road map - documentation video of intervention in public space. Diving Jeruslaem - postcard.

An installation with video, furniture and photography on dreaming and passive politics


Jericho, the genesis of human civilization is the epicenter of a devastating earthquake that rifts the land across the Dead Sea valley causing land slides, bringing water from the Mediterranean and Red seas, to submerge the whole of Palestine under water.

‘It all collapses in the living room’ suggests a dystopia to instigate an alternative discourse on mainstream politics - not only in Palestine but also in the Arab World. Architectured by various social and civic structures, political discourse today lacks imagination, and marginalizes dreaming - whether utopian or dystopian - as an essential part of rethinking and understanding current political systems, and notions of individual and collective identities. Political engagement have been hugely influenced by regional media channels, as well as through national state-security systems, governing political imagination and debate both within private spaces, and in the public sphere. 


presented in: Birzeit University Gallery, Palestine (2013), Darat Al Funun, the Khalid Shoman Foundation (2013)

reviewed/cited: Electronic Intifada, Artistic Intifada

jericho first - public intervention