The sexual physiology of hermaphrodites (2011)

Lecture Performance ~50 mins


A multi-media lecture performance that explores notions of national identity and belonging through an analogy with the complex identity of Hermaphrodites, or 3rd sex persons born with both female and male genders. The works alternates between an autobiographical narrative and a fictive character of a 3rd sex person. The work brings forward the absurdities and complexities of nation-state induced identities, by drawing parallels with the complexity of 3rd sex identities, and the social pressures to conform, identify and belong. 


Performed in Meeting points 6 in: Beirut Art Center and Onasis Center, 2011, Hause Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin 2012, and in Hakaya Festival, Al Balad Theater, 2011.

Sexual Psychology of Herms