The River Has Two Banks (2012-2017)  

Shuruq Harb, Samah Hijawi and Toleen Touq       


Across the east and west banks of the River Jordan, the politics of segregation greatly hinders a collective understanding of shared realities. The border between the two, which is referred to as “the Bridge”, is vested with political and social connotations from the last decades, serving both as a connection in the present and a disconnection from the past.


As individuals invested in the relationship between Palestine and Jordan, the historical trajectory of the two compelled us to examine our existing realities and build new alliances to overcome the social, economic and political challenges of our times.


Over a period of five years, The River Has Two Banks created multiple events across different cities and locations within Palestine and Jordan. This digital document is an archive of our activities and collaborations. We hope that our initiative will be remembered as a subversive gesture to remain connected in a region plagued by division, segregation and isolation, and serve as an impetus for future expressions of solidarity.  

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