Twenty Two Years Today (2013)

Collaboration with Diala Khasawnih as Makan Collective

Mixed-media installation with, music, whiskey and family photograph archive

Twenty Two Years Today (2013) is based on a five-day journal documenting the journey to Jordan from Kuwait city driving via Baghdad during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Starting on January 23rd 1991, a few days after the launch of “Operation Desert Storm” against Iraq, driving through “streets that have the feel of war,” waiting in the freezing cold at the Iraqi-Jordanian border shut in the face of hundreds of thousands, the writer describes experiences, although shared by many, yet have little surviving documentation. The installation aims to summon up some of the anecdotes, objects and emotions illustrated in the journal.  


presented in: Apexart New York (2012)

reviewed in: Jadaliyya, Reorient